How it works

unglazed ceramics
  1. Choose! We have a large selection of unglazed items for you to choose from, including plates, bowls, mugs, jugs and figurines.
  2. Paint! We have aids, instructions on different techniques and inspiration that you can get help from. Sit down, have a cup of tea, paint and relax.
  3. Fire! We fire your painted object in our kiln, in over 1000 degrees!
  4. Pick up! Your work of art will be ready for pick up after about a week.

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We have over 100 different items to choose from, and the prices vary between 69 and 795 SEK. Below are some examples:
Simple cup: 195 SEK
Unicorn mug: 285 SEK
Teapot: 425 SEK
Brakefast bowl: 195 SEK
Big Bowl 38 cm: 549 SEK
Plate 18 cm: 159 SEK
Plate 28 cm: 239 SEK